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Hello my name is Pamela! my obessesion would be Arashi xD. my ichibans are Matsumoto Jun and Sakurai Sho. my OTP are Sakumoto and Ohmiya. i spend my free time writing fanfics or making icons. and of course most of the time fangirling about Arashi xD. other than Arashi i also enjoy watching dramas of any kind. i also like other celebrities,such as Nishikido Ryo,Akanishi Jin, and Kamenashi Kazuya. im also familiar with Taiwanese and Hong kong celebs as well. my favourite celebs are Raymond Lam and Bosco Wong from Hong Kong and Xiao Yu and Anthony Neely from Taiwan. im interested in one day opening my own clothing shop in Shibuya, im also interested in living in Japan. im a very cheerful person and i love to laugh, i also love to make friends and just to enjoy life as it is. Dozo Yoroshiku! =)

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To be friends with me is really easy. Please post a comment introducing yourself! For example your name,your likes and dislikes,your hobbies,where you live and so on. it can be as long or short as you want. and finally after your done you can add me to your friends! Since i do like making friends there is a high chance you might be accepted but do realize that it might take some time since life does get in the way =). After your friends with me you can then view some of my icons and fanfics! And to those that comment Nice to meet you!